Marcel Quirijnen Sr. Back-end Developer - Open Technologies - LAMP/DevTools stack

  Who I Am

Name   Marcel Quirijnen
Home base   Pyatt, AR - USA
Years of experience   About twenty
Computer systems I work with   Linux and Mac
Software I work with   rsync + Atom + Jenkins + ssh + VirtualBox

 Get In Touch

Personal website (very outdated)
Phone   1-(870)416-3775
BitBucket (private GitHub)
LinkedIn Profile

What I do

I implement technology projects that will improve your bottom line and customer relationships.
I can help your company make the most out of Open Technologies, securely and always as simple as possible.

I strongly believe in the open source development model, which leads to a better software product and prevents your data from being locked into proprietary formats.

Marcel Quirijnen Sr. Software Developer - Open Technologies


Marcel Quirijnen Sr. Software Developer - Open Technologies


  • MS Computer Sciences, LUC university Belgium
  • BS Information Technology & Programming, HORITO College Belgium
  • BS Power Electronics, HORITO College Belgium
  • Independant coursework through Coursera/Udemy/Linux Academy:
    • Business Innovation (University of Maryland)
    • Gamification (University of Pennsylvania)
    • Interactive Programming in Python (Game programming -- Rice University)
    • Computational Investing (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    • Startup Engineering (Stanford University)
    • Data Analysis (Intro to R language -- Bloomberg School of Public Health)
    • Project Management (Udemy -- Prepping for PMP exam)
    • Coding for Entrepreneurs (Udemy)
    • Amazon Web Services (Linux Academy)
  • Working on:
    • The Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle (Eduonix)
    • PHP Security
    • Spanish language

Other Interests

  • Hackerspaces - makerspaces - instructables - DIY backyard projects
  • Game Programming, active member of NWA Game Development Group
  • Aquaponics - growing food organicly and sustainable using fish - actively implementing this in my own greenhouse
  • Open source hardware like Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • Solar energy technology
  • Web application security
  • Travelling - Foreign Languages - I'm fluent in English, Dutch, French and currently learning Spanish
  • Martial arts - I've trained in some for +20 years and currently practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong
  • Cooking phenomenal food as often as possible
  • Ballroom dancing and loving it

Fine Print

I write good code for good money.
I'm not looking to relocate, but I'm openminded about it, so if you want me to, be willing to foot the bill or don't bother.
No relocation for contract work. If you can't commit to my skills, I can't commit to your location.
I will not relocate for a position that can be done from where I sit right now. If location is more important to you than skills then I'm not a match.

My name is Marcel and I approve of this resume and its small print.