My past travels

I’ve been around a few corners. It might be a good time to write about some of the places I’ve been to as travelling used to be a hobby of mine, back in the day before I became grumpy and frumpy and my priorities were different.
Now, to exercise my writing, I’m working on the following chapters :

  • Scandinavia – Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway
  • My extensive time in the UK
  • Switserland
  • France
  • Spain – Costa Brava – Barcelona – Zaragoza(Saragossa)
  • A tour of Sri Lanka
  • A few weeks of India – Rajasthan – Varanasi – Khajuraho – Mt. Abu
  • Northern Thailand and its mountain tribes
  • Laos – Myanmar
  • USA – NYC, The Grand Canyon in Arizona and our time in southern California
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