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My name is Marcel and I’m available for hire on a contract basis for Unix/Linux software development  or  Unix/Linux system administration work.
I contract either on a 1099 (freelance) or business-to-business (incorporated) basis. No W2 contracting.

When you choose to hire me, you are not just getting another code monkey. I have experience with every stage of the software development cycle from discovery and conception through implementation and maintenance.

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  • Improve your business office environments with Open Technologies
  • Create and implement a contingency plan for your IT infrastructure and your data
  • Help you with your web presence, site hosting and email configuration
  • Provide or improve an existing E-commerce solution
  • Get you started with blogging using tools of your choice or WordPress
  • Back-end software development using the LAMP stack of tools like PHP, Perl, Python, Apache/Nginx, MySQL/PostgreSQL, even Oracle and Pro*C applications are options
  • Implementing database technologies – MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • Integrate new solutions with existing systems using Web Services with JSON or SOAP/WSDL technologies

Expertise and Skills

My resume covers this perfectly.


Different work comes with different rates and I write good code for good money. I’m happy to provide an up front estimate for any project.

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