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{ Hello world! }

Welcome to the front page of my world.

Hi. My name is Marcel. I’m a software developer, born and raised in Belgium, Europe many moons ago. I now live with my wife and kids in northern Arkansas, minutes away from the Buffalo river, in the hills of the Ozarks.
Not exactly the Silicon Valley of technology !” you’ll say, and that’s true.
My answer to you is .. “but I’m working on it !” and nothing is more powerful than a man with a plan. I therefore pledge to update this website on subjects like

  • Open Source software (Linux, Perl, Python and PHP)
  • Open Source hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi and alike)
  • Aquaponics, beekeeping and organic gardening in general
  • Gaming (Cube 2 Sauerbraten), game programming and enterprise gamification
  • Classes I’m taking on business subjects and Big Data (intro to R language)
  • Personal opinions on insane things happening around me